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I work with brands to tell stories that stick and create moments that spark conversation.

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Cat is a solutions-driven marketer with over ten years of success helping brands unlock consumer insights and uncover creative opportunities that move the needle for their business. My areas of expertise include developing innovative sponsored content, paid media, and experiential activations for entertainment, gaming, CPG, and QSR brands that surprise and delight. 

To date, my work has generated over $100 million in brand partnerships and ad revenue for community-driven social platforms like Reddit, Fandom, and Imgur. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. 

As a passionate storyteller and builder, I love drawing inspiration from new experiences. In my free time, you can find me planning my next adventure, hiking, biking, cooking, trying new restaurants, and photographing it all. 

Please feel free to reach out to say hi if you'd like to talk shop.

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