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Reddit for Business:
Global Moments Campaign

Monthly content launches amplifying Reddit’s strategic value for advertisers across 34 tentpole cultural and seasonal Moments throughout the year, such as the Super Bowl and Holidays. 
As the go-to-market lead, Cat...
  • Championed the value of Moments to leadership and internal partners, transforming the campaign into one of Reddit's largest revenue initiatives

  • Operationalized the expansion of the Moments campaign to international markets

  • Developed advertiser playbooks with data-backed recommendations on how and when to surround Moments on Reddit

  • Created ready-to-sell and scaleable media packaging leveraging Reddit's suite of ad products

  • Produced sales collateral, webinars, and enablement courses to increase sales adoption

  • Oversaw delivery management of content iterations for web, social, and email

  • Implemented project management tool to save time and centralize progress tracking across teams

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Sales Pitch Deck

Unique insights showcasing Reddit as a trusted destination during all stages of the consumer holiday purchase journey plus creative and strategic campaign recommendations for managed advertisers

Reddit_Holiday Campaign_Sales Pitch Deck.Reddit_Preview Image 1.png
Holiday Landing Page
Holiday Trends Video 
Post on Linkedin
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Quarterly Moments Newsletter to Advertisers
Holiday Email Newsletter example.png
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