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Reddit for Business:
Consumer Trends Content Series

Reddit is where communities drive trends, cultivate shifts in culture, and ultimately shape what’s next. The consumer trends content series curates and organizes Reddit’s treasure trove of first-party intelligence in an ongoing series of guides to help businesses tap into what’s trending on Reddit and the world at large.

As the go-to-market lead, Cat...

  • Developed branding, positioning, and messaging

  • Produced guides, sales collateral, and webinars

  • Oversaw creative agency and internal partners on the production and delivery of assets for web, social, and e-mail

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RedditRadar_TheRebalancingAct_Vertical_2021.10_Preview Image 1.png
Reddit Radar: The Rebalancing Act

Post-pandemic consumer trends guide for brands

RedditRadar_TheRebalancingAct_Vertical_2021.10_Preview Image 2.png
RedditRadar_TheRebalancingAct_Vertical_2021.10_Preview Image 3.png
Reddit Radar:
The Rebalancing Act

Watch me walk through shifts in post-pandemic consumer behavior and how brands can tap into these trends.

Reddit Radar_Webinar_Social Post.png
Reddit Radar: The Rebalancing Act Landing page
Reddit Radar_Landing Page 1.png
Reddit Radar_Landing Page 2.png
Reddit Radar_Landing Page 1.png
Reddit Radar_Landing Page 2.png
Reddit Radar_Landing Page 3.png
Reddit Recommends:
Holiday Edition

People visit Reddit's communities for trusted information on brand and production recommendations. See what Redditors have to say about what to buy next this holiday season and what this means for brands.

Reddit-Recommends_Holiday_Nov 21_Preview Image 1.png
Reddit-Recommends_Holiday_Nov 21_Preview Image 2.png
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